5 SEO Experts you should be Following to Stay on Top

SEO Experts

Do you want to be at the top of the SEO game? If so then there are various ways you can achieve that goal. One of the best ways is to follow some SEO gurus who can help you pick up ideas and methods that can improve your own SEO skills. Here are some to watch:

SEO Experts

1. Rand Fishkin:

Fishkin founded one of the world’s biggest websites about SEO and web marketing. The site was formerly known as SEOmoz and is now simply as Moz. Fishkin was the CEO of the company from 2007-2014. He now focuses on products/marketing and contributes on a regular basis to the blog. He’s known as the “wizard of Moz.”

Moz has given many speaking presentations at big companies. That includes Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. This shows that he’s a good source for SEO info if you want to improve your personal/company SEO. Make sure to visit Moz on a regular basis to read some quality content.

2. Neil Patel:

Patel has become one of the most inspiring online entrepreneurs. He’s co-founded companies that have achieved huge success including quick Sprout, Hello Bar, KISSmetrics, and Crazy Egg. Patel has helped big companies boost their revenue including Amazon, Viamon, HP, and NBC. He’s also been named by the Wall Street Journal as a top online influencer and a top-10 web marketer by Forbes.

Patel has written “The Advanced Guide to SEO.” In addition, he writes regularly and comments in his blog about SEO. You can also find his content at other online sites.

3. Matt Cutts:

Cutts heads Google’s Webspam team. He’s an excellent source of SEO news/info mostly due the fact he’s connected with the world’s largest search engine. Cutts has more than 438,000 followers on Twitter and is also one of the most influential people to follow if you want to improve your SEO skillsets. In fact, you can learn just about anything from him regarding SEO.

Cutts has been helpful to make businesses profitable and webmasters higher-ranking. This has been through tons of videos and providing helpful SEO advice. So he’s a good person to follow if you want to improve your company’s SEO and Google rankings.

4. Danny Sullivan:

Sullivan is Search Engine Land’s founding editor.  The site is one of the most popular SEO blogs on the Internet. If you haven’t visited the site yet you should certainly consider doing that if you want to improve your websites’ SERP rankings.

Sullivan also founded Marketing Land. Danny has been writing about search engines for two decades since 1996. That’s before Google became the world’s largest search engine. Sullivan has been called the Godfather of SEO. He also sold a SEO website he founded named Search Engine Watch a decade ago in 2006 for a big price tag of $43 million.

5. Brian Dean:

Brian Dean has founded a traffic generation company Backlinko. It specializes in SEO, link building, content marketing, and conversion rates. Dean helps company owners who have had problems with Google rankings so they can boost their rankings and boost web traffic through strategies that can’t be found anywhere else on the Internet.

Dean has received a lot of accolades in terms of link building. You can get his free newsletter that’s full of solid SEO/traffic tips. Anyone who designs/develops websites can use the news/info in the newsletter to improve their own sites.